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New Jersey Prenup Agreements Help You Protect Your Premarital Assets

If you’re about to be engaged, or married, in New Jersey, then a NJ prenup agreement is very important. This is a super important financial planning tool. Preparing a prenup agreement before marriage is a VERY effective way of protecting your assets and limiting your financial exposure if a divorce happens.

In the event of a divorce, a NJ prenup protects your assets and can help you make sure certain property and assets is exempt from distribution. Prenup agreements are an outline of the various considerations, rights, and obligations, of each person in the event a divorce happens. It can help create an amenable dissolution. It’s a complex legal document, one which deserves the attention of an NJ divorce lawyer.

Prenup Agreements in New Jersey can be used to protect assets like:

  • homes
  • real estate
  • investment accounts
  • trusts
  • business assets
  • and more

In order for your agreement to be valid, both parties have to fully disclose all of their assets, get independent legal counsel, enter into the prenup voluntarily, and be afforded sufficient time to consider all of the terms of the agreement before marriage.

These agreements can be tailored individually to suit anyone’s needs, or situation. If desired, you can add a sunset clause which specifies the date that the entire prenup agreement will expire, and no longer be binding. Having an experienced NJ prenup agreement lawyer can help advise you of your options.

Benefits of an NJ Prenup Agreement

In addition to protecting your premarital assets, an NJ prenup agreement can help with financial issues like

  • Alimony
  • Waiver of alimony
  • Asset values
  • Business interests
  • Division of financial securities
  • Division of stocks etc

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